In 1998, Baharot was founded in collaboration with leading Flavor companies of the world.



Over the years of gaining knowledge and expertise, in 2006 Baharot has build its own facility to manufacture specialized food ingredients for the food market. Strategic actions, acquisitions, imports & exports has lead the expansion of the company over the years.



Our firm provides specialized ingredients for read meat, white meat, fish, milk, snacks and catering sectors.


Baharot operates within, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 22000:2005 Food Security Management System, Halal document ve ISO 14001:2004 Environment Managment System documents.



With its experienced team which prioritize quality over anything , Baharot offers top products for enhancing taste, visual and shelf life of foods.




Baharot has been extra careful about the ingredient safety from buying the ingredients to shipment from the day the company founded.

With the principles in mind, Baharot improves its service quality over time to serve its products worldwide with top quality and promises;

  • – Under the instructions of company principles and corporate identity we document & improve our work with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 measurements,
  • – To achieve target unit production with Overall Quality Management ,
  • – To be a company which is respectful to our society, and governs as a worldwide organization,
  • – To protect environment and its ecological balance,
  • – Within the domains of its expertise  we will provide maximum effort.